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Publicity and Fundraising Volunteers

In order to offer the best support service, we need to make sure we have the funds to run, and that every student in London knows about us! Publicity and fundraising volunteers are the volunteers that help to make this happen

About this Role

Our publicity volunteers meet regularly to organise both physical and digital campaigns, as well as creating and updating our publicity materials. It is a role that allows you to do what you most enjoy, whether that is finding and creating materials for our social media, organising cross-university events, publicity material design, grant writing and more!

We encourage our publicity and fundraising volunteers to focus on what they’re passionate about. It’s great experience for you and it’s crucial to the running of Nightline. You can start at any time.

Who can volunteer with us?

To be eligible to volunteer for us you must be 18 or over and a registered student at one of our affiliated institutions, or living with one of our affiliated student accommodation providers. To check whether your university is affiliated with us, please check here. In your application, we will ask for a reference to confirm your a student, as well as a letter of student status if you’re successful.

If your university isn’t yet affiliated with us, and you would like them to be, email both your university and our us and we’ll see if we can start the process!

“I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to work for such a worthwhile charity and meet so many new people.”

Publicity and Fundraising Volunteer

Other Roles

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Represent Nightline at your university and increase awareness amongst your peers

Hotline Volunteers

Provide emotional support and practical information to students in distress anonymously and confidentially