London Nightline could not operate without the committed and enthusiastic group of volunteers who donate their time each year to support fellow students.

All Nightline volunteers are current students who have undergone extensive training. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the student community, meet like-minded people from universities all over London, and learn new skills.

Volunteer Roles Available

Hotline Volunteers

Provide emotional support and practical information to students in distress anonymously and confidentially.

Nightline Ambassadors

Represent Nightline at your university and increase awareness amongst your peers. 

What our volunteers say

“I have absolutely loved volunteering for Nightline – I have met some incredible people, and felt part of a really supportive and lovely community. The calls have been difficult at times, but I hope that the time I have given has helped some callers think about difficult situations a little more clearly. I am sad to be leaving at the end of this year!”

“Volunteering for Nightline has been the best thing that I’ve done since coming to university. The actual volunteering is very rewarding, even though it can be tough at times, but the greatest part of volunteering is the chance to be part of such a wonderful group of people. I don’t think I ever have or will meet a nicer bunch.”

“I love the supportive and fun environment at Nightline that accommodates all quirks we may have. Volunteering on the phones has of course taught me new skills and enlightened me on some of the difficulties students and hotlines face. It’s been insightful, and it’s been a place where I know I am giving back.”

“Volunteering with Nightline I have always felt incredibly well supported not only by the Co-ordinator and welfare officer but also by the other volunteers, the training was and continues to be comprehensive meaning I felt confident that I could deal with any situation that came up, and if not would know who to contact.”

“It has been like entering into a family. Particularly in my second year as a volunteer, getting more involved with training, publicity and other aspects of the organisation, has meant I feel more confident on the lines, as well as hugely supported by the group of volunteers I’m working with.”

“Volunteering at Nightline was one of the best things I’ve done at University. I feel like I’ve learnt so much about myself and other students, and have met a wonderful group of friends outside of my course and university.”

“It’s been an extremely positive experience. The training we receive is so rigorous that I felt comfortable taking calls from the first day. The support system has been fantastic too. Not only are the other volunteers lovely people, but they are always there for you if you need to talk which I think holds the organisation together perfectly.”

“Volunteering for Nightline has given me some of the best experiences, the best skills, and the best friends anyone could ever hope for. Sadly, only two of those three can be taken away from volunteering at the charity but at least, though my experiences have been things to remember for the rest of my life, my skills and my friends will be things to keep.”

“I feel like the work done by Nightline is very worthwhile, as many of the volunteers feel they may have used the service themselves, or have friends or family members who have dealt with some of the issues people talk to us about, and it’s rewarding to think that by being there to talk to someone, no matter what time of night, we might have helped someone’s situation in some way.”

“Thanks to nightline I feel like I have made a small difference in the world. I think what Nightline has taught me, has helped in my own life in supporting friends, family, and patients. The skills I have learnt are invaluable and I am so glad to be a part of Nightline.”