Skype Phone

“I think the skype feature is a breath of fresh air when seeking someone to talk to and am immensely grateful that this has been made available for those in need.”

— Skype Caller

Nightline’s service is also available on Skype. This enables you to call us for free over the internet using a piece of software available at

Contacting us by Skype can be useful if you are based outside of the UK or if you have limited minutes on your phone. If you are worried about cost, we can also ring you back on any UK landline if you ask us to.

How do I call Nightline via Skype?

Download the free software, following the instructions at When you have set up your Skype account, simply click ‘Add contact’ at the top of the Skype box. Enter the username londonnightline and click ‘add selected contact’. Then click the green phone icon to call us – it’s as simple as that!

If you already have Skype downloaded, you can click here to add us as a contact:

Add and Call London Nightline using Skype

If we don’t come up as online, we may be particularly busy that night. Please send our volunteers a message using our Instant Messaging service and they will open up the Skype Phone lines if a volunteer is free.

Is calling Nightline on Skype the same as calling via the phone?

Pretty much, except it’s over the internet and free. Our Skype phone service is available during our usual opening hours, 6pm to 8am. Just like on the landline hotline, you’ll be speaking to the same highly trained volunteers with the same core values of confidentiality, anonymity, and acceptance.

While we keep any details you share with us confidential, we will be able to see your username if you contact us on Skype. If you contact us via the phone, we have no way of tracing your call. If you are already a Skype user and prefer to stay anonymous, we recommend that you create a new account for yourself to call Nightline, as you may not wish your personal profile to be viewed by Nightline volunteers. Also, to protect the anonymity of both our volunteers and our callers, we are unable to offer video chats.

Please be aware that Skype call quality may vary depending on your internet connection. For best sound quality, use headphones rather than speakers. If you have any problems or questions with Skype, please contact us via phone (0207 631 0101) or email (