“You can safely share your worries, or vent to someone.”

— Email Service User

Sometimes it’s nice to write things out on your own time and send it to someone, so you can also contact Nightline via email on

When can I email you?

You can email us at any time, any day of the year. We reply to emails throughout the term breaks and national holidays, because we know that worries don’t always stop when term does. If you wish to make immediate contact during term time between 6pm and 8am, please phone us or contact us via our Instant Messaging service that pops up on the side.

Will I get a reply?

Yes! We always aim to reply to our emails within 48 hours, usually by the next morning.

Our principles are exactly the same as they are over the phone – you can write to us about anything at all, and everything you write will be confidential. We can also email you information on request. Our replies will reflect on what you wrote, ask questions to allow you to expand on your thoughts, and give any information you asked for.

One of our volunteers on shift will check and draft emails each night. These email replies are then checked for quality by one of our more experienced volunteers, who sends them off to you (usually the next morning).

Can you see my email address?

Currently we do not have the technology to receive anonymous emails. Your email address will be shown to us, but we will keep this information confidential.

If you do not wish for your real email address to be shown to us, anonymous e-mail accounts can be registered at Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.

Will you know if I have emailed you before?

We try not to repeat ourselves so we will check if we have corresponded with you before we write your reply, but in line with data protection policy, we only keep email records for 100 days. If you would like us to refer back to earlier correspondences, the best way is to keep the whole conversation in the thread below the email.

For someone to talk to, email us now at