London Nightline is a confidential listening, support and practical information service for students in London. You can talk to us about anything – big or small – in complete confidence. We won’t judge you or tell you how to run your life: we’ll simply listen to whatever is on your mind.

All our volunteers are students themselves, who have undergone extensive training and who understand that university life in London isn’t always plain sailing.

How can I contact you?

We aim to be accessible, so you can contact us in a way that suits you best. Our phones are still the most popular mode of contact, but increasingly instant messaging, Skype, and email are being used as ways to contact us.

We are open from 6pm to 8am every night of term.

Please contact us using the methods below.
Phone: (+44)207 631 0101
Instant Messaging: via this website
Skype Phone: londonnightline

When are you open?

We are open during the night from 6pm to 8am every night of term (including weekends).

We currently support about 55 universities and accommodation providers. Term dates vary from university to university, but we try to cover as much of the year as possible with our terms. We close the lines outside of term-time because it’s tricky to get student volunteers to staff the lines during that time. Below are the specific dates that we’re open this year (we’ve added 6 weeks of opening time to cover more of the year!)

Term Dates for 2018/19
Term 1: 10/09/2018 – 14/12/2018
Term 2: 07/01/2019 – 08/04/2019
Term 3: 23/04/2019 – 21/06/2019

When you’re closed, who can I contact?

Our student-run hotline is open at night, because our aim is to be available when most other services are closed. During the day, university counselling services and other less formal support works can be easier to reach. That said, it can still be nice to talk to someone anonymously in confidence during the day.

Here are two helplines that are open 24/7, that do similar work to what we do:

for immediate confidential listening support
National Number: 116 123
Find your local branch here to see if they offer walk-ins.

The Mix
for information and access to other youth support services
A Webchat Service is offered at some points of the day, depending on which one you would like to use.
Website: for support forums and more

You can also still email us at every day of the year for a support reply within 48 hours.