Cost of Affiliation

London Nightline’s primary source of funding is from affiliated colleges, universities and their student unions, and student accommodation providers. Fees are paid to Nightline by affiliated institutions on an annual basis, and can be organised into termly instalments if preferred.

Affiliation fees are calculated according to the number students at each institution. The current charge per FTE (HESA Full Time Equivalent) student at a college or university is £0.37 per student, which is typically divided as £0.27 to the college and £0.10 to the Students Union to help spread the cost over the different parts of the institution responsible for student welfare.

Please note that HESA statistics are published retrospectively, so we use the most recently available statistics to calculate affiliation fees. For the 2018-2019 academic year we will therefore be using the 2017-2019 HESA numbers. Not all of our affiliates can be found inthe HESA statistics, and in these cases we work with your team to finalise the number.