Benefits of Affiliation

In return for your annual affiliation fee, you’ll benefit from all the wonderful aspects of Nightline.

A Listening Service For Your Students

  • Provide your students with a peer-to-peer listening, support and information service between 6pm and 8am every night during term time, and an email service that runs every day of the year.
  • Aim to complement your existing welfare services by providing out-of-hours support and information to your students.
  • Refer or sign-post students to institution-based support services, where appropriate.

Volunteering Opportunities

  • Offer your students an excellent volunteering programme with full training, support and opportunities for progression within the organisation (subject to successful completion of training, and assessment criteria).
  • Opportunities for your students to specialise their volunteering to their interests, whether that be on our publicity team or within the service section, such as becoming a trainer or technology coordinator

Publicity Materials and Events

  • Supply your institution with as many Nightline-branded publicity materials as required, throughout the year and free of charge. At present these publicity items include posters, flyers, bookmarks, wallet cards, stickers and mouse mats, although materials may vary from year to year. To receive these items, please email the coordinator at
  • Have representatives available to attend Fresher’s Fairs, Welfare Sessions and similar events at your institution, providing a variety of ‘freebies’ to entice students. In recent years these have included Nightline-branded stress balls, highlighters, sweets, post-it notes, condoms, and Oyster Card holders.
  • Aim to tailor our publicity, wherever possible, to the needs of your institution, from ‘flyering’ outside the Student Union bar, to giving powerpoint presentations at induction days, to providing adverts and slideshows for SubTV screens.

Networking and Information

  • Aim to organise an annual face-to-face meeting with representatives from your institution to keep you informed of developments to Nightline, discuss the specific requirements of your institution, or answer any questions you may have.
  • The chance for a representative from your institution to attend termly Affiliate Advisory Committee meetings to hear about our updates and progression, and network with other institutions in the sector.

Training Opportunities

  • Invite welfare staff and sabbatical officers to attend our training in October.
  • Offer external training packages, based on our own active listening skills training, to relevant staff at your institution (subject to availability).
  • Invite a representative from your institution to sit on our Steering Committee, which meets three times a year and helps make sure that our funders have an active part to play in the running of our charity.