Information for Prospective Affiliates

The stereotypical image of student life is one of socialising, parties, and very little work or responsibility. However, with high pressure to achieve academically, fierce competition for graduate jobs and increasing financial concerns, this is not the university experience for many students.

London Nightline allows students the opportunity to talk through their thoughts and fears with their peers, fellow students who can often relate to how they are feeling. We offer a non-directive and non-judgemental service, which allows callers to lead the conversation and reach their own conclusions in an accepting and empathetic environment. We also offer an information service on all aspects of life in London, from details of local STI clinics to a taxi number or nearest takeaway after a night out!

Being open at night, between 6pm and 8am, allows us to compliment other university welfare services, which are generally only available during the day, and support students during the nighttime hours when thoughts can seem more present. Nightline can also be a valuable source of support to students who spend time carrying out course placements or other activities away from university, and those studying from their home with a distance-learning institution, and who therefore have limited access to institution-based welfare services. We are also working increasingly with student accommodation providers, as they can often act as a frontline to student welfare issues.

There are approximately 70 colleges, universities and student unions that are currently affiliated to London Nightline. We cover a wide variety of institutions, from very large universities offering many different courses of study, to smaller and more specialist colleges, to individuals based at home. Our ultimate aim is for every student to have access to a Nightline listening service, and we are always eager to generate new affiliations, whether they are based in London or don’t have access to a more local Nightline.

With the introduction of the new University Mental Health Charter, we are hoping that every university in the country will become connected to a Nightline, whether that be London or a more local branch.

If your institution is interested in becoming an affiliate of London Nightline, for more information or to set up a face-to-face meeting, please contact the Co-ordinator: