Caller Testimonials

We are fortunate to hear messages of thanks from our callers all the time. We hope that reading these will help you see the value of Nightline, and make you feel more comfortable about contacting us should you ever want to!

A Poem by a Caller

Recently, one of our callers sent us the following poem that they have published, and allowed us to share it on our website with you:

Looking after your Wellbeing, n.

Overwhelmed these nights roll into one;
Choked tears fear fast approaching day.
It’s all too much; I’ve come undone.
Sat dialing, trying to focus on
That soundless neon kebab shop hum
And the voice saying,

“It’s okay.”

—’Nightline’, by Jenny

This poem was published in ‘You is for University’.

Caller Feedback

We ask our callers at the end of calls to fill out our online feedback forms. The following are all the quotes from the form received in the last year, published anonymously with callers’ permission:

“I needed to speak to Nightline because of my present circumstances… I did and I this has really made a terrific difference, Thank you.”

“The man who I spoke to was really calm and took his time to ask questions that helped me work through a very difficult situation that I’m going through at the moment. He helped me to see the situation from a different perspective and accept some home truths. It was exactly what I needed.”

“[Volunteer] was very helpful. Wonderful listener, calmed me down and made me feel better about things.”

“Sometimes it did feel very impersonal and that was slightly off putting. But the information and support I received through contacting Nightline has given me the courage to seek help professionally and stop putting it off because I do have the chance to rectify things before it’s too late. This service was very much needed tonight and I’m glad I used it.”

“Was really helpful and seemed friendlier than other services I have used.”

“I found it really helpful just to hear another voice and be able to freely tell them my problems!”

“So helpful, talked things through at my pace with no pressure against time or anything until I felt calm enough to go offline.
I found the service very useful. I had a mind full of scrambled thoughts, all running wild over a tough dilemma- speaking to the Nightline volunteer I was able to better organise them. Thank you!”

“London Nightline is a fantastic service for students run by students. You can safely share your worries, or vent to someone.
Such a valuable, life-saving service.”

“The person I spoke to, I can’t remember her name but it was a girl, was really nice. She asked me lots of good questions and I found it really helpful to have someone just listen to me and just let me have my own thoughts. Thank you nightline.
Really great at listening – and really helpful.”

“I feel like the Skype is a really good idea, but next time I’ll probably call the line so I can verbally express things.”

“The volunteer I spoke to was amazing – really helped me clear up how I was feeling, and was really patient and happy to talk to me. Thank you nightline.”

“Wow. The problems that were causing me stress didn’t go away, but at the end of the conversation I realised that I was incredibly calm – filled with an emptiness that was really wonderful. The person on the end of the line asked me questions I hadn’t thought of and talked me through a plan of action without directing the conversation, so I also have more of a sense of what I am going to do. Thank you. I was putting off calling because I thought I’m not in a dire situation or seriously depressed, but I wish I had called earlier as they really just help.”

“Stressing at 3am, it’s always nice to have a friendly ear to turn to. Thanks.”

“It really helped talking to someone at Nightline, it was the second time I talked with someone from Nightline. I am a little unsure whether or not to tell a friend about night line because they might take it the wrong way. I would if they expressed some worry in conversation again.”

“You saved my life. Thank you.”