Caller Testimonials

We are fortunate to hear messages of thanks from our callers all the time. We hope that reading these will help you see the value of Nightline, and make you feel more comfortable about contacting us should you ever want to!

A Poem by a Caller

Recently, one of our callers sent us the following poem that they have published, and allowed us to share it on our website with you:

Looking after your Wellbeing, n.

Overwhelmed these nights roll into one;
Choked tears fear fast approaching day.
It’s all too much; I’ve come undone.
Sat dialing, trying to focus on
That soundless neon kebab shop hum
And the voice saying,

“It’s okay.”

—’Nightline’, by Jenny

This poem was published in ‘You is for University’.

Caller Feedback

We ask our callers at the end of calls to fill out our online feedback forms. The following are all the quotes from the form received in the last year, published anonymously with callers’ permission.