Student life can be tough at times. For some, all the expectations of working hard, getting good grades, having fun and maintaining a busy social life can seem nigh impossible to juggle. With the added financial pressures and the challenges of starting a new life in a huge city, it’s not surprising counselling services at universities are often over-stretched. It can be difficult for students to speak to someone, especially at night. This is the need that Nightline aims to fulfil.

What is Nightline?

Established in 1971, London Nightline is an independently registered charity (1015744) offering listening, support and information to higher education students by way of a confidential helpline.

We are based in central London, but offer support to half a million students at our 38 affiliated universities across greater London as well as University of London and Open University students in all regions and countries. If you are not currently affiliated to Nightline, you can find out more here.

Nightline is able to provide crucial out-of-hours peer support via phone, Skype, email and instant messaging services. We are open between 6pm and 8am every night of term, and run almost entirely by students. Find more about how to use our service here.

What is your charity mission?

London Nightline’s vision is that every student in London feels fulfilled by being fully supported. We aim to achieve this by offering support to students throughout the night via a listening and information service. We do our best to be as accessible as possible, and offer support that is peer-led, accepting, and confidential.

Fulfilled London Students

To support London students throughout the night via a confidential listening & information service that is accepting, accessible, and peer-led

For more information about London Nightline and the work that we do, please click on the links below.